Words and Music by David King


Songs, fiction and the occasional recipe by David King

George Loves Anastasia

There once was a trail through the woods / On the outskirts of the city / And it lead you to a pond / That nobody ever swam in / It’s true, the water was so cold, screaming cold / Froze my toes

And in the middle of  the pond / Half hidden in the water / Was a large round boulder /  With the words written on it…  

George loves Anastasia

The woods have since disappeared / Turned into streets and houses /  The pond I assume was filled in / The pond that nobody swam in. 

I made friends with a woman from work / She invited me over for dinner / I asked her where she lived / She said what used to be outskirts / Is suddenly suburbs.

I asked her to write down her address / What she wrote took me by surprise /

Number 356…George Loves Anastasia