Words and Music by David King


Songs, fiction and the occasional recipe by David King


Sixty-something Caucasian guy with white hair combed forward as though he never goes anywhere without the benefit of a strong tailwind / Young Chinese guy rudely shaking his keys in the face of his Chinese girlfriend who’s sitting on the curb weeping / Pasty white guy in black overcoat that drapes nicely almost to the ground or maybe it’s a cape yes it’s actually a cape and oh my Goth, he has a rat on his shoulder / Thirty something buff blond talking on her cell phone to someone she’s not sure she likes anymore / Young South Asian guy with UBC sweatshirt looking around for his buddies whom he failed to notice duck into the Shawarma place / Elderly woman in yellow cashmere sweater evidently on her way to the library – hoping she’ll look at me so I can tell her I think she’s beautiful / Good looking white boy, reminds me of when I was young  and didn’t have to worry about grooming /  Black man in Birkenstocks no socks- as it should be / Another Black fellow (you don’t often see two in a row in Vancouver unless they know each other) and he’s checking out the brother’s sandals and chuckling to himself / Arab guy or maybe Greek or Greek Cypriot or possibly black Scot- I hate it when I can’t be sure - doesn’t matter - he disappeared /  Japanese Lesbian wearing the world’s largest pair of sunglasses walking obliviously  along the bike lane /  White woman in her 20’s with vintage CBC tote bag which no doubt contains a manuscript that tells the full story of her life so far / American tourist watching the traffic go by as though it were a popular attraction / Another American tourist – possibly the husband - looking bemusedly into his wallet at the colourful Canadian money / Chubby bald gay guy with handlebar moustache in electric wheelchair thoroughly pissed off that no one’s letting him pass / Persian woman on her cell speaking English to her Persian boyfriend asking where the fuck he is / Young meth head on holiday in the land of thousand dances / Three American sailors looking for a bar they know is around here somewhere / Gorgeous lipstick lesbian speaking Martian on her cell phone / German man and wife with matching sunburns holding hands and laughing / Rotund first nations guy with boogie haircut and Louis Vuitton loafers taking a selfie / Young Latino or maybe first nations guy wearing a Washington Capitals Jersey with the name Oshi on the back – oh yeah, definitely first nations / Decrepit old panhandler who I have a feeling used to sit behind me in grade six ? Scrawny stray dog-suddenly we’re in Mexico / Old white guy who looks like actor who played Paul’s grandfather in Hard Days Night sneering at me as I sit at his favourite table out here on the patio.