Words and Music by David King


Songs, fiction and the occasional recipe by David King

Except There are no Chickens

So I did it.  Yeah.  Finally.  I went there.

That place the homo-saps always joke about

That they call

The ‘other side’

But that we chickens call


What a laugh. 

I felt like Galileo.

Of course I know Galileo

All information trickles down the food chain.

What do you think that squawking is all about?   

Why Galileo?  I guess because I knew


That there was a better punchline to that joke. 

So you're all dying to know what it was like

Venturing into the unknown. 

I’d like to be able to tell you it was special. 

And it was 

But for no other reason than I was venturing into the unknown. 

At no time was I afraid.  Why should I be afraid of the unknown? 

What fate is more frightening than the one I know to be my own. 

As far as my life is concerned. the unknown is a day at the beach.

So you ask why?  Why I came back?   

Well, maybe it was because I missed all you cluckleheads. 

Sure, we have at each other from time to time. 

But we all share the same fate

And we tough it out together. 

Except for Swifty over there.  Have you heard him crow lately?  

Where’s the urgency that he used to impart? 

What?  Is he depressed?  What’s he got to be depressed about?   

At least he’s got some responsibility. 

I hear Buddy got the axe while I was gone. 

I heard he was running around a bit afterwards 

Running around like…you know

Did he think he might find his head and put it back on

And everything would be as it was?

Didn’t he know that would be a source of amusement to the homo-saps? 

We should all go out like Max!  Ass in the air, head in the dirt. 

I loved that cocksucker.

Oh, and for all the homo-saps who are dying to know why

Why I crossed that pretty little road

t was just because I had to know

What it was like 

And in so far as that goes

It’s pretty much the same as here. 

Except there are no chickens.